The hardware consists of two main units pictured below; the sensor unit and the monitor unit. The sensor unit has three modules which can be screwed onto the wooden frame. The first is the light/temperature sensor which has an LDR and a thermistor mounted in a waterproofed plastic case. The second module contains two metal prongs used for picking up water and conducting electricity, and a wind turbine made from a child's ananometer attached to a small motor. The third module contains a waterproofed webcam which can be rotated vertically via remote control using a radio transmitter handset.

The sensors are powered by a monitor unit which displays each CV input on a backlit meter. The temperature and wind sensors use op-amps to adjust the output voltage to range from 0-5V.

Two Kenton Control Freaks convert the CV to MIDI note on data, which is fed into the computer program (see software section for details).