About WeatherPlayer

WeatherPlayer is an online audio installation designed to interpret atmospheric conditions as sound, and broadcast it to the Internet. Light, temperature, wind and water sensors are positioned on top of the University of Brighton building, and the resulting signals are converted into MIDI data, and transmitted to a computer program. The software written in the Supercollider audio programming environment uses the incoming data to determine the structure of sound generating algorithms.

The result is a composition with a cyclic structure which mirrors the light cycles of day and night, with sounds which rise and fall with the wind. WeatherPlayer is broadcasting 24/7 for a month as a RealAudio stream using the University of Brighton RealServer. Listening posts are located around the University of Brighton campus.

Please check out the guestbook and give any feedback you might have about WeatherPlayer.



20th May - 20th June

WeatherPlayer was located at the University of Brighton campus for a month during which a live audio stream was accessible from the web site.

7th June

WeatherPlayer will be featured as part of the Cybersonica International Festival of Sound Art at the ICA in London.


7th August - 14th August

WeatherPlayer will be exhibited at the Garage International Festival of Art, Music and Film in Stralsund, Germany. A live stream from Germany will be available during the exhibition period from the web site.

Connecting to WeatherPlayer

You can listen to the RealAudio stream by installing RealPlayer and clicking the 'listen' button on the menu bar above. To get RealPlayer, go to real.com and click on the small blue text link to RealPlayer Basic on the bottom left hand portion of the page (not the large central banner as this will take you to the RealPlayer Plus product).

I hope you enjoy listening to WeatherPlayer.

Owain Rich