Advice and assistance from David Anderton and Jon Ellis


Additional code and advice by Fredrik Olofsson and Paul Crabbe

Thanks to everyone on the SCwmin email list for contributing to an excellent SC learning environment.

RealServer/Radio Station at the Unversity of Brighton

Justin Cruttenden: RealServer setup and maintainance

Charles Wordingham: Project overseer and much support

Colin Simpson: RealServer setup and maintainance

Lyn Turpin: Copyright advice and support

Paul Hill: Provision of server machine

Ronit Rose: Legal Advice

Peter Rock: Legal Advice

Colin Monk: Funding for PRS license

Robin Arak: Planning and advice

Dan Simpson: Planning and advice

Terry Hill: Technical support and logistics

John Ritson: Installing onto roof and support

Special thanks to Holger Zschenderlein and Bill Beech for much advice and support throughout the project.

Special thanks to Bob Morton for loads of technical support throughout my time at the University.

Thanks to Tom Webster for advice and assistance while coding the web site.

Thanks to Alexandra Adam and Jerry Coffey from the Reliance Gear Company for sending me a free sample of a Reliaflex coupling device which I used in the project.